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Looking for a skilled and experienced portrait photographer in Mississauga? You came to the right place.


I specialize in Headshots & Branding, Contemporary Portraits and Boudoir photography. I work closely with each client to create a personalized and unique photoshoot experience.

Whether you're looking to update your professional headshots or create timeless images, celebrating a special moment in your life, my expertise and attention to detail will ensure stunning results.




A quality headshot is a must for any professional, entrepreneur or artist. People's first impression of you is often based on that single image.

And if you're an entrepreneur, chances are you are the face of your brand. Why not invest in creating images to help you connect with your audience through all online platforms and printed materials. 

Let's make sure your images represent you in a way YOU want to be represented.


Coco Chanel said it best: Beauty begins when you choose to be yourself.

You are beautiful, period.

Why not own your inner royalty and create beautiful portraits for yourself, because you're worth it.  

Dare to dream your own photoshoot, anything is possible!


Boudoir is a natural extension to a contemporary portrait session. It’s a genre of photography that allows for total creativity, unburdened by anyone’s expectations but the person in front of my camera.


It’s a self-confidence boosting experience where we celebrate and empower women as they are today. These sessions promote body positivity, they remind women of their beauty (inside and out) and allow for the creation of memories that will last a lifetime


Make the best of your photoshoot experience and plan for some of your images to be finished as wall art for your home or your office. 

From stylish canvas to acrylic and metal prints or a timeless Amalfi panel, I can help you choose the right options from a selection of elegant and finely crafted print products that are sure to satisfy all your needs. 

Adorn your walls with portraits that will honour your family, spark a conversation and celebrate you.

Be your own art.


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