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Welcome, I'm Julie.

You made it to this page, so I know you're at least a little curious about me. Let me indulge you.

I was born in Montreal around the same time as the CN Tower was completed (I dare you not to Google that one). I have relocated to Mississauga many years ago and now call it home.

I was raised to think that if I worked hard, and became really good at what I did, I would make a difference. 

With that in mind, I went to work for Corporate America. I grew my expertise and developed many skills, I climbed the ladder and then, something happened.

Julie Marchand Photography - Contemporary Portrait3.webp
Julie Marchand Photography - Contemporary Portrait1.webp

I realized that for years, I worked hard and became really good at what I did, but it didn’t make a shred difference. 


I felt unfulfilled and lost. Why


In hindsight, the answer is simple: I was applying the right philosophy, but I was in the wrong place, servicing the wrong crowd.


So, I made a conscious decision to change my career path to something that fulfilled me. Something I was deeply passionate about, that would allow me to be myself and make a difference in the lives of the people I service. 


So here I am, a portrait photographer (and a darn good one at that). 


My philosophy hasn’t changed, I work hard and I’m really good at what I do, so I can make a difference for you.


Book a consultation and let me tell you how.

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